Draw 99, Rs. 750 Prize Bond Full List, QUETTA On Date 15-07-2024 Results

Rs. 750 Prize Bond List Online Check July 2024:

You can check the Draw # 99 750 Rs Prize Bond List result here online. Prize Bond Lucky Draw No. 99 of Rs. 750 prize bond draw was held in QUETTA city on Draw Date : 15 Jul, 2024. You can also check full denomination list of Rs. 750 prize bond from 1st draw to latest draw on our official website https://www.saving.net.pk online. You can also check the 750 prize bond list results of date Date 15-07-2024 as per schedule 2024 provided by National Bank of Pakistan. 1st prize of the 750 Rs. prize bond of value 1,500,000 PKR is awarded to 1 lucky winner, while second prize of the 750 prize bond of amount Rs. 500,000 is awarded to 3 lucky winners. The last & third prize of the 750 prize bond is given to 1 winners of amount Rs. 9,300/- each.

750 Prize Bond List 15 July 2024:

750 prize bond draw is held every three months in different cities of Pakistan. 750 Prize Bond Draw is held under the Directorate of National Savings according to their schedule of prize bond which is issued State Bank of PakistanPrize Bond Draw Schedule of every year contains information like as Draw number, City of draw, and Date of draw.

How to claim the prize on winning Rs. 750 Prize Bond:

You can claim a winning prize bond in 6 last years from the date of the draw held. To claim the prize you have to provide the original prize bond and copy of your CNIC to the National Saving Center or the State Bank of Pakistan. 15% tax amounts will be deducted from the prize money if your are filler otherwise 30% tax for Non-Filler. Watch this Video How to Fill Prize bond Draw form.

Upcoming Next Prize Bond Draw of Rs. 750 Prize Bond:

750 Prize Bond Draw Schedule

750 prize bond draw 99 at quetta on 15 july 2024 at QUETTA

Prize Bond Draw List Denomination-750

Held at : QUETTA

Draw No : 99
Draw Date : 15 July, 2024
1 Prizes of 1st Position Rs. 1,500,000/-
3 Prizes of 2nd Positions Rs. 500,000/- Each
000002 000022 000222
1 Prizes of 3rd Positions Rs. 9,300/- Each


Winning Amount of Rs. 750 Prize Bond
Position No's of Prizes Prize Money Filer Tax (15%)
1st Winner 1 Rs: 1,500,000 Rs. 225,000
2nd Winners 3 Rs: 500,000 Rs: 75,000
3rd Winners 1696 Rs: 9,300 Rs. 1,395
As per Govt. Policy, Rate of Tax is 15% of prize value for Filers, and 30% of prize value for Non-Filers.
How to fill Prize Bond claim form
سات سو پچاس روپے پرائز بانڈ جیتنے والی رقم
فائلر ٹیکس (15%) انعامی رقم انعامات کی تعداد پوزیشن
دو لاکھ پچیس ہزار روپے پندرہ لاکھ روپے ایک پہلا انعام جیتنے والا
پچھتر ہزار روپے پانچ لاکھ روپے تین دوسرا انعام جیتنے والے
ایک ہزار تین سو پچانوے روپے نو ہزارتین سو روپے ایک ہزارچھ سوچھیانوے تیسرے انعام کے فاتحین
حکومت کی پالیسی کے مطابق، ٹیکس کی شرح فائلرز کے لیے انعامی رقم کا 15%، اور نان فائلرز کے لیے انعامی رقم کا 30% ہے۔
پرائز بانڈ پر انعامی رقم کلیم کرنے کا طریقہ